Monday. Nothing to add.

Refill your stamina for the week!

*SHAKSHOUKA with 2 eggs, herbs and bread (7,2)

VEGAN OPTION------> with marinated Tofu (7,9)

*THE SALAD: roasted cauliflower and fennel in romesco sauce, homemade kraut, chickpeas & bread (VEGAN) (7,5)

+ Salmon (1,5)

+ Grana Padano (1,-)

*THE QUICHE (Paprika, Spinach, Beets, Mushrooms) -/+ salad (3,9/6,-)

*THE SOUP (Lentil, Rosemary, Tomaten) with Bread & Dip (5,-)


Cheesecake with Blueberries Cover, Carrots Almonds Cake, Vegan Brownie, Lime & Coconut Cake with Almonds & Walnuts, Vegan Banana Bread, Someone´s Grandma Applecake...

what´s your next move!?!?